Tattoo addict turning himself into ‘black alien’ reveals outlandish new body modification

A tattoo addict who has spent years turning himself into a ‘black alien’ now wants to split his penis in two for his latest eye-watering body modification.

Anthony Loffredo has inked his entire body black – including both his eyeballs – to look like an Extra Terrestrial.

The Frenchman has already had is tongue surgically snipped to make himself look like a snake and also removed his nose and a few fingers but his look is not yet complete, the Daily Star reports.

He has travelled the world and spent a small fortune gradually transforming his physical appearance into something that is not of this Earth – but a big, painful change is coming.

He has previously shown his 700,000 followers an illustration of two penises attached to the same scrotum, although one which only appears to contain a single testicle.

The 33-year-old is now pressing ahead with his plan and says he will slice his manhood in two in the very near future.

One his followers on Instagram asked the question about what he has planned for his genitals.

“When are you going to cut your aubergine emoji off?,” asked Instagram user highalpineshrimp, a question which provoked some widely different reactions from others.

“What the f***?” replied one, while another added, “How is that medically possible?”

But a third backed the original post saying, “Well, lots of people bisect their tongues nowadays, so I guess I can see where he’s coming from.”

Loffredo himself previously hinted back in May that he’s planning to do something radical to his genitals.

Having already gone to the drastic lengths of chopping off some fingers to create a ‘claw hand’, the 33-year-old had alluded to cutting his manhood in half by posting a picture of two penises attached – although one which only appears to contain a single testicle.