Man shares game-changing hack to use laptop for work while outside in the sun

Whether you’re spending the current heatwave working from home or relaxing during a few days off – there’s might be a high chance that you’re tempted to take your laptop outside with you to enjoy the sun.

However, many of us will agree that there’s one major problem that stands in our way – and that’s the inability to see the screen in the bright light.

But fear not, as one man might have a solution for this – and all you need is a cardboard box.

Tom Wood, the CEO and Managing Director at The Evans Denham Group went viral with a little-known life hack posted on LinkedIn that garnered thousands of views.

Thanks to the current heatwave – and temperature levels expected to soar to 40C – the hack has been doing the rounds again.

Tom suggests putting your laptop inside a cardboard box to shade it from the sun.

Not only will the hack block out the bright glare – but it will also help provide a solution to your laptop possibly overheating whilst in direct line of the sun.

He wrote at the time: “The latest in ‘Work From Home Technology’.

“When you are working from home and want to enjoy the sunshine, yet can’t see your laptop screen because of the sun!

“Get yourself the latest Technological breakthrough….. The Cardboard Box. I can top up my tan and workout side, without any issues. Get yours today…”

Viewers undoubtedly loved the idea when they stumbled across it – and many expressed their gratitude in the comment section.

“Genius if you’re working from home!” One user gushed.

“Lifehack!” A second penned.

A third proclaimed: “I gotta try it.”

A different user was concerned about the laptop overheating in the sun, but Tom assured them he’d made slits in the side of the box for the fan.

Others said they’d been doing similar things at home but were using laundry baskets instead.