Derek Carr: Josh Jacobs is someone I’m very excited for this season

Davante Adams‘ arrival in Las Vegas gives the Raiders offense a new star to work with and it gives their opponents a new focal point for their attention this season.

The attention paid to Adams should create opportunities for other members of the offense. Tight end Darren Waller and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow are often mentioned in that group and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr sees another beneficiary in the backfield.

Running back Josh Jacobs didn’t have his option for the 2023 season picked up by the team so he may not be in the long-term plans, but Carr thinks that he’ll be able to contribute to short-term success.

“Josh is someone I’m very excited for,” Carr said on NFL Network. “He’s someone who’s working extremely hard to get in the best shape that he can be in because he knows that with all these weapons, maybe he’ll have a lot of games where teams are just gonna say, ‘Well, all right, Josh, you beat us.’”

If that’s how things play out and Jacobs is able to make teams pay for paying most of their attention on other players, his contract situation should have a happy ending in Vegas or somewhere else early next year.