WhatsApp Starts Testing Chat Sync Feature Across Two Smartphones: What It Means

WhatsApp continues to add new features for its users, and it is fair to say that multi-device linking is one of its most important addition in recent years. But even then, the ability to operate a WhatsApp account is limited to desktops and tablets for now. You still can’t have the same WhatsApp account running on two smartphones.

That could change in the near future, as the platform has started testing the chat sync feature between two smartphones. This means that you could use the same WhatsApp number on two different mobile devices and all your messages will get synced automatically.

This exciting feature is currently in the testing phase with the WhatsApp beta for Android version as per the details shared by WABetainfo this week. And we are sure that you are keen to see Whatsapp release the option for everyone. The note also mentions that depending on the size of the chats residing on the primary smartphone, the chat sync with the other phone could take some time if there are a lot of chats to be sent across wirelessly.

The sync feature will be a handy tool for the users, especially after we saw previously that WhatsApp removes all the data while moving the app to another companion device. Even this feature has only made it to the beta version so far.

It is possible WhatsApp may have found a workaround to make the same WhatsApp number run on multiple phones and even let you sync all the chats between the devices.

In addition to this, WhatsApp is now allowing a wider set of users on Android to migrate their chats to an iOS device. The platform announced the feature a few weeks back, and its wider rollout means the feature is now working as desired. It is fair to say that 2022 has been a busy period for the Meta-owned messaging platform and more additions mean the popularity of the app continues to grow.